Your donation will support the Fundy Royal Conservative Association during and between elections. Contributions go to the local Fundy Royal Association riding and will greatly help us prepare for a future election that could be called before the fixed date due to Canada having a Minority Government in Office. (Credit Card Donations are processed via SSL Secure Connection). For a complete list of payment methods and tax receipt details please see details below.

Credit Card Donation

Credit Card payments can be made by clicking on this Donation Link.  We have preset amounts and an option for you to choose your own donation level. You will be taken to a Safe and Secure payment page to enter your Credit Card details.

Send a personal cheque along with your name and address to:
Fundy Royal Conservative EDA,
PO Box 1155,
Hampton, NB  E5N 8H1

To send a contribution via E-Transfer, login to your personal online banking account and send the donation to the following recipient email address: Please include your Name, Address and email address in the etransfer details so we will be able to issue a receipt.

Tax Receipts\Credits

The maximum allowable contribution to a registered Canadian political party is $1,700 annually.
(Please note that Canadian citizens and permanent residents may also donate a separate amount up to $1,700 to a Conservative riding association, in addition to contributions made to the National Party).

Cash Contributions in excess of $20 will not be accepted.

Contributions from corporations, labour unions or associations, and unincorporated associations are prohibited.

Tax Credits
Federal income tax credits are available for all qualified contributions up to $1700 per calendar year. For additional details visit Elections Canada

In addition to supporting the Fundy Royal Conservative Association and our Candidate during an election campaign, you will also be entitled to a significant tax savings when you make a contribution.

CONTRIBUTION Sample Tax Credits

Tax Receipts
An income-tax receipt will be issued for all contributions of $20 or more.
Please be advised that Elections Canada does not allow tax receipts to be issued in any other name other than that of the contributor. The contributor is considered to be the holder of the credit card or signatory on the cheque.

Tax receipts are issued by the Fundy Royal Conservative EDA.

Protecting your interests
Donations to the Fundy Royal Conservative Association are received by an authorized electoral district agent (EDA). An electoral district agent is defined in the Canada Elections Act as a person appointed by a registered association, and includes the financial officer of a registered association. (The electoral district officers name is recorded in the registry of electoral district associations maintained by the Chief Electoral Officer.)

To contact this financial officer, please Click Here to request their contact information.